Money is power. Just 1 percent of the American population controls a staggering one-third of the entire nation's wealth.

The power elite are using this money to increase their own influence by any means necessary. These plutocrats will stop at nothing to feed their insatiable greed regardless of the devastation to our lives and the environment that we share. They own the mainstream media.

They manipulate the economy and use their vast wealth to fund the campaigns of political candidates through a byzantine system of subsidiaries and nonprofits, thereby purchasing the loyalty of our government. These funds are known as Dark Money. In 2012 alone, over $274 million has been paid to U.S. political campaigns in anonymous contributions.

For the 2016 elections, the oil baron billionaire Koch (pronounced like Coke, the soda brand) Brothers have already pledged $900 million to support conservative politicians. These seemingly endless streams of money will ultimately make your voice nonexistent in your own government. The basic constitutional principle is one person, one vote. Yet, special interest groups are making political contributions at a rate $777,600 per person, per year.

Your government is sold out to the people that possess the most wealth in the nation. We need your help to stop this corruption from continuing and take control of our own government. End Dark Money is a new campaign designed to expose the truth to millions of Americans via the internet.

We are creating a documentary-style film that outlines the shocking realities of corporate money in the American political system. We will connect the dots for the public on exactly who is buying our politicians and the means by which they are doing it. We believe in our bones that knowledge is power and that the best way to combat tyranny and corruption is to educate the people.

Our exposé film will be promoted and advertised across all major social media websites including, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google + and more. We’ll be running online ads, producing viral-friendly infographics, pdfs, images and more. If you believe that it’s time to speak truth to power, make a 100 percent tax-deductible donation by clicking here and help us end dark money now.